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Why donate to Thalassa?

Thalassa Foundation is committed to environmental protection and aims at the preservation of the biodiversity of the Mediterranean Sea. It is characterised by responsibility and transparency and it uses all kind of resources -financial or other- for the fulfillment of its fundamental goals and towards environmental protection. By supporting us you contribute to the preservation of marine habitats and you promote marine life conservation. You can support one or more of our latest projects as presented below:

1. Blue Islands
2. Mapping for Conservation

How can you help?

Contact us:
Vera Alexandropoulou
: +30 6946502135

The Foundation is registered in Switzerland as a non-profit, thus donations are tax-deductible in most of the cantons. If you chose to donate for one of our projects, please send us an e-mail ( with your contact details so we can issue the appropriate receipt for your donation.

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