Active Skiathos Against Plastic bag

Reducing plastic bag pollution in Skiathos


  • Location : Northern Sporades, Skiathos island
  • Status : Completed
  • Focus Sector : Enhancing conservation and environmental awareness in Skiathos
  • Description : Plastic Bag Free Campaign in Skiathos
  • Beneficiaries : Local community, public and private institutions of Skiathos
  • Implementing Partners : The Mediterranean SOS Network & Municipality of Skiathos with the support of Thalassa Foundation and Prince Albert 2 of Monaco Foundation
  • Implementation Period : 2017-2018

Active Skiathos Against Plastic bag (ASAP) aims at reducing plastic bag pollution in the marine environment by raising awareness of the local community, of public and private institutions of Skiathos. ASAP is expected to capitalise gained experience and knowledge, and to promote collaboration with Alonissos' actors. Since both Skiathos and Alonissos belong to the same island complex (Northern Sporades), the adaptation of the success story of Alonissos to Skiathos will offer added value and contribute to important changes in this archipelago.

The project ASAP (Active Skiathos Against Plastic bag) is carried out by the MEDITERRANEAN SOS Network. It is funded by the BeMed – Beyond Plastic Med initiative, Thalassa Foundation, the Municipality of Skiathos and the MEDITERRANEAN SOS Network and supported by the Cultural Association SKIATHOS.

The project aims at radically reducing single-use plastic carrier bags on the island of Skiathos. Following the successful implementation of Plastic bag-free Alonissos project, another island of Sporades leads the way towards the development of actions for the reduction of the particular packaging, and thus to the protection of their common marine environment and the upgrade of its touristic product.

During the project’s implementation:
• 100% cotton bags are distributed to locals and tourists.
• A broad range of information/ awareness raising activities take place.
• Educational activities for students, teacher seminars, voluntary beach clean-ups, as well as participatory workshops with local stakeholders are organised.


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