Focus Sectors

The Mediterranean Sea is well-known for the wide range of rare species of fauna and flora that it hosts. Due to its significant natural value, the expansion of marine protected areas is imperative. Rare marine mammals from monk seals, to sperm whales and common dolphins, are about to become extinct unless we adopt more sustainable ways of development and we stop overexploiting marine ecosystems.

Action for their protection and preservation has to be undertaken immediately so that their future survival is guaranteed. In order to enhance marine life conservation, we initiate based on some fundamental pillars. These are restoration and preservation, sustainability, education and environmental awareness. Furthermore, we encourage research and work closely with the scientific society on numerous environmental issues.


We support and promote policies for the restoration and preservation of marine natural resources of the Mediterranean Sea. Degradation of marine ecosystems due to intensive human activity calls for urgent action for their future survival. We are at the forefront against habitat destruction, overfishing and human-induced climate change.


We put particular emphasis on the conservation of marine resources for the benefit of nature and its habitants. Marine protected areas, rare species, sensitive ecosystems, they are all in the centre of our initiatives. Through participation and environmental engagement we finally aim at sustainability, where communities are able to attain economic development without draining their marine natural reserves. We also enhance development of community entrepreneurship in a way that is fully harmonised with nature. 


We enhance awareness especially in communities that are in greatest need of environmental protection, so that they adopt a more responsible attitude towards nature. Through education and informative campaigns we communicate our vision and values to sensitise the public on several environmental issues. Local communities are encouraged to take action for the long-term maintenance of their natural heritage.